Research archive: Projects, Theses, and Dissertations

The Writing Center hosts Ball State students and faculty with research projects designed to investigate writing centers, tutoring, communication and more. Students have used the center as a site for theses and dissertation work, and Writing Center staff have also presented at writing center conferences and published articles and book chapters.

The following entries archive projects, theses, and dissertations prior to 2017.

Elisabeth Buck | PhD Dissertation, 2016. Archives, Access, and Authorial Agency: The Visibility of Digital Inquiry in Writing Center Scholarship.

Matt Balk | PhD Dissertation, 20xx.

Emma Baumann | Honors Thesis, 2012. The Lost Art of Revision

 Emily Standridge | PhD dissertation, 2011. Characterizing Writing Tutorials

 Amber Buck | MA thesis, 2005. Keyboard Collaborations: A Case Study of Power and Computers in Writing Center Tutoring

Carol Chalk | PhD dissertation, 2004. Gertrude Buck in the Writing Center: A Tutor Training Model to Challenge Nineteenth-Century Trends