Research archive: Conference Presentations

East Central Writing Centers Association (ECWCA)

 “Hello?: Training eTutors to Engage Unresponsive Clients in Text-Only Online Sessions,” ECWCA, 2015, with Liz Whiteacre, Morgan Aprill, and Katherine Hampshire

“Writing Across Languages: Cross Disciplinary, Spanish Composition Tutoring in the Writing Center,” ECWCA, 2014, with Jennifer Grouling, Morgan Aprill and Lisa Kurisak

“What Should We Call this Space?: Examining the Use of Metaphorical Language in the Writing Center,” ECWCA, 2014, with Matt Balk

“When Words Fail: Navigating the Pitfalls of Text-Only E-Tutoring,” ECWCA, 2014, with Lauren Lutz, Tom Carreras, Austin Russell and Liz Whiteacre

“Changing Roles: Student Revision and Peer Tutors,” ECWCA, 2012, with Emma Baumann and Kat Greene

“Going Online: How Digital Tutoring Affects Client/Consultant Interaction,” ECWCA, 2012, with Matt Balk, Yuanyuan Lao and Jennifer Grouling

“Creative Writing and the Writing Center: Finding the Converging Point,” ECWCA, 2010, with Tyler Gobble

“Convergence of the Ball State Writing Center and the Wider Campus Community: The Effect of Increased Advertising on Demand for Writing Center Services,” ECWCA, 2010, with Neal Coleman

“Exploring the Writing Center’s Convergence with Social Capital,” ECWCA, 2010, with Phillip Call, Emily Standridge, and Dani Weber

“Places Everyone: Sustaining Writing Center Places,” ECWCA, 2009, with Sarah Burns, Claire Lutkewitte and Emily Standridge

Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC)

“Title,” CCCC, 2015, Elisabeth Buck

“Epic Fail: Research on Sessions Gone Awry,” IWCA Collaborative @CCCC, 2010, with Jackie Grutsch McKinney, Emily Standridge, and Dani Weber

“RAD Research Methods and Undergraduate Consultants: Developing a Heuristic Model.” IWCA Collaborative @CCCC,2015, with Kelsie Walker, Morgan Gross, and Elisabeth Buck.

International Writing Centers Association (IWCA)

“’This is on you’: When Responsibility as a Habit of Mind Informs Writing Center Consultants’ Practice,” IWCA, 2016, with Morgan Gross and Kelsie Walker.

“Unearthing Digital r(Evolutions} in the Archives of The Writing Lab Newsletter, Writing Center Journal, and Praxis: A Writing Center Journal,” IWCA, 2015, Elisabeth Buck.

“Assessment (R)evolutions: Developing Student Learning Outcomes-based Assessment,” IWCA, 2015, Kelsie Walker.

“Imagining Others’ Roles: Writing Center Collaboration in Support of Interdisciplinary Writing Courses.” IWCA/NCPTW Joint Conference, 2014, Elisabeth Buck.

National Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing

“Title,” NCPTW, 2015, Amory Orchard.

“Title,” NCPTW, 2015, Kathryn Hampshire.

“De(Centering) Stories about Teaching and Tutoring.” NCPTW, 2015, with Elisabeth Buck, Kat Greene, Phuong Tran, Morgan Gross, and Kelsie Walker.