Writers of Ball State

Writer at Ball State: Lee

How about some #MotivationMonday on a Thursday? Psychology major Lee writes with a sense of purpose. “When I think about writing in psychology, I think of research…One of my favorite parts of psychology here is actively researching and writing about the findings in hopes of improving the field for future counselors.” What do you write for?


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BSU @ ECWCA 2017

Four graduate students and three undergraduate students from Ball State University attended and presented at the East Central Writing Center Association along with Writing Center Director Dr. Grutsch McKinney in Dowagiac, Michigan this March.

Attending writing center conferences give tutors a chance to learn from other writing center professionals about writing center work and research as well as the opportunity to contribute to writing center scholarship themselves.

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Presentations by Ball State scholars:

  • “Relinquishing Gender Binaries for Progressive Writing Centers” Anthony Salazar
  • “Body Language in the Writing Center: The Abandoned Rhetoric” Rachel Beatty
  • “More than Just a Personal Editor: A Case Study of Cross-Disciplinary Writing Consultation” Kathryn Hampshire
  • “Fostering Engagement and Creativity through the Concept of ‘Play’ in the Writing Center” Amory Orchard
  • “Navigating Linguistic Hegemony in the Writing Center: The Mythos of Standard American English and its Implications” Rachel Wright-Marquez & Noah Patterson
  • “Writing Center Leadership 101” Jackie Grutsch McKinney
Writers of Ball State

Writer of Ball State: Jesse

Have you ever looked back on the stuff you wrote in high school? Yep, not your best work. You’ve learned a lot! Jesse, a Music Education major, explains

“I got to college. I started to doing something with focus, something I’m interested in. Writing has gotten easier. I really started understanding what I was supposed to say and how to say it. [The most important thing I learned was] being very specific. Details are so important. I also found that including more details made it way easier to meet that [minimum page] requirement.”


Writers of Ball State

Writer of Ball State: Cory

Writing isn’t just for English majors. Cory, a Computer Science major, says “I enjoy writing. I definitely want to write more fiction. I just feel like fiction…can sometimes do a lot more. I think it can be a nice little de-stressor.” How do you compromise your science side with your creative side? Cory’s advice: “See if you can implement ideas from coding into writing or from writing into coding. Just stick with it. Even if you’re not really sure where it leads you, it could be something you never intended but love in the end.”cory.jpg

Writers of Ball State

Writer of Ball State: Anna

Every writer needs a#HandyDandyNotebok. To build a writing habit, Anna the Journalism major says, “I think just carrying around a notebook. That’s what I try to do. Whenever I think of a good story idea or just something that inspires me, I’ll write it down and later look at it and remember. If you don’t write it down, you might never remember what you thought of.” anna.jpg