Writers of Ball State

Writers of Ball State: Brittany, Alex, & Haley

Is writing social or solitary? Check out what #squadgoals Brittany, Alex, and Haley have to say! brittany.jpg
Brittany: “It can be good or bad. Doing collaborative writing spurs so much creativity…There are things that [other people] think of that you would have never thought of.”
Alex: “I prefer the actual act of writing alone, but I love meeting other people who write and discussing our works or bouncing ideas…but for actual writing, I tend to be secluded.”
Haley: “I remember in middle school, there was a book series…that had like three authors…It was a collaborative piece. Others times it’s better alone. I like [writing] by myself in my own little world, but it just depends.”
What do you think? Is writing social or #foreveralone? #bsuwrites