Writers of Ball State

Writer of Ball State: Liz

IMG_4789 (1)For our final #writersofballstate post of Fall 2015, we’re delighted to feature our Associate Director for Online Tutoring, Liz Whiteacre, who (sadly) will be leaving us next semester to join the English department at the University of Indianapolis. We’ll miss you, Liz!

“I think that feedback is really important, because, not only does it help us polish finished projects, but it helps us grow as writers. So, when I write poetry—whether I have the goal of publishing or not—I usually get to a phase where I think: ‘Is this communicating what I want to communicate?’ And that’s when I turn to friends of mine who are generous enough to read my work. I think as students, whether we’re in classes or not, seeking feedback from our peers, and also providing feedback to our peers…it teaches us, not only if we are communicating what we want to communicate, but how we are doing it. And we can learn a lot from other people. The students who are in classes that I teach—they learn so much just from each other.”


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