Writers of Ball State

Writer of Ball State: Kathryn

KathrynWe are excited to launch a new feature, #writersofballstate! In these posts, we’ll be featuring writers across the Ball State campus. Our first writer is Kathryn, a junior English Literature major and Writing Center tutor:

“I am definitely more of an academic writer. I used to write a poetry a little bit, but it was more like ‘processing things’ poetry, it wasn’t [anything] that I ever intended to be read by anyone else. But when I write academically, it’s definitely for other people to read as well…I like to write things that just don’t sit in the Indiana Jones Warehouse.

I like to write things that are going to go somewhere. And that’s one of the reasons why the pieces that I had published in the DLR (Digital Literature Review) last year are two of the most important things in my writing career, because they are out there.”

So what advice would you give to people who are concerned about academic writing?

“Find something that you’re actually interested in, because too often all of our writing assignments are ‘I’m doing this because I have to, not because I want to.’ But you can turn any writing assignment into one that will mean something to you by thinking outside of the box, and finding something that is going to be an experience for you and not just a means to get a grade.”


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